z-udtool 0.6.6-4:

-Fixes a memory leak due to the copy to clipboard buttons.


-New options menu
-You can now access the options menu from Tools->UDtool
-Cleaned up the Tools->UDtool list
-Much faster at loading the list in large buildings however this requires client side javascript.
-Auto-update, no more need to check my thread... *sniff*
-Buttons to copy player list to clipboard
-Generator/barricade bash buttons
-Ability to use old style attack buttons (no client side javscript)
-Fixed a bug where options would not work the first time.
-New version scheme (due to auto-update)
-Prevent setting the List Threshold to be less than the sum of the active and inactive list sizes.
-use about:config to enable (or disable if you enabled it) attack and bash buttons for humans (extensions.udtool.attackButtonHuman and extensions.udtool.bashButtonsHuman)

z-udtool 0.6.6-4:

-Fixes a bug with 0.6.6-3 that prevented disabling attack buttons for humans.

z-udtool 0.6.6-3:

-Added active/inactive lists (top and bottom players are shown in their own lists).
-added many options (accessed from the regular options button in the extension manager)
--Seperate human/zombie actions.
--Size of top/bottom lists can be changed.
--m/i now defaults to H/T but can be changed
-New look for attack buttons

z-udtool 0.6.6-2:

-Fixed bug where m/i didn't show next to player names with numbers
-m/i no longer show up if player is not a zombie
-m/i should now load faster
-Fixed bug where m/i only showed if either hp or name colorization was on